Monday, October 19, 2009

Thoughts on Financial Freedom -- 3

On having plans

How many times have we hear this from the 'gurus'? We must have a vision, we must have a goal, we must have a target. "YES, I WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM! I WILL ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!" Then after that, we are riled up to be very motivated to achieve this goal, and believe that we can achieve it...


Financial freedom is a destination. And like any other destination, a path, a route, is needed. However, paths and routes are always full of hidden dangers and traps; there may be dust, rocks, crevices, which are evilly 'placed' there to trip you up in your journey. And just like any important trip or journey we are taking, to travel along this path towards financial freedom, we need to plan and prepare well so that the probability of completing the journey is higher. Wanting it and being motivated alone won't get us there.

A plan is needed. A plan to follow. A plan to succeed.

My plan is simple.

1) I have a full time job.
2) I teach tuition.
3) I invest for growth and dividends.
4) I attempt to trade.
5) I have 2 blogs with adsense and nuffnang.
6) I put up some articles from my blogs to associatedcontent.com

7) I'm planning to write educational books on my tips to scoring for O and A level exams.

My plan includes 6 different streams of income, plus a possible 7th in the making. So far so good...

How about your plans? Have you made yours?

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