Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some Portfolio Updates

October has been a volatile month. I have made quite a bit of gains, and incurred a minor loss today.

1) Sold Unit Trust (finally) with $255.30 gain. With this, I have zero Unit Trust left.

2) Bought and sold STI call warrant today with $290 loss. ========> Won't be doing this again. Loss will be taken against the 2 Unit Trust that were sold with a total profit of $300.

3) Sold half of my Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund at $0.405 due to a run up that was too fast. 16 lots left (averaged down from this sale) at $0.305. Will attempt to buy back at $0.37.

4) Bought in Berlian Laju for a trade (60 lots average $0.117)

5) Bought China Sky for trade (20 lots at $0.245)

In October, Starhub broke the 200 day MA and dropped big time. Fundamentally, the trigger could be due to the loss of BPL and ESPN exclusive broadcast rights and not being able to retail iPhone. However, I believe that Starhub will still be a good dividend counter, and I'm targetting <$1.85 to buy in (if I still have spare cash).

Capitaland broke resistance and went to $4.46. However, I did not sell it off as it came back down today to $4.15. It's likely to retest $4. Then again, my average price of $1.64 is very low, so I have zero worries.

Older stocks remaining in red are Hor Kew, LC Dev (cum dividend) and Cosco. Most others are in the green.

My portfolio paper gain at the current moment is about $7.5k, after including paper losses of $3k mainly from Cosco. This paper gain will likely drop further as the economy goes down again.

My realised gains in 2009 including dividends stand at $7.3k as well. More dividends are to be expected in Dec.

All in all, the cost of my portfolio stands at $84480, with $3k in CFD and $12218 in MMF as opportunity cash, giving me a total of $102600 excluding unrealised gains/losses. Pay day is near, and I would able to top up my MMF with new funds soon. Following that for Dec, it's AWS time, and I would be able to top up further.

I'm targeting (and hoping) to achieve $120k by the end of the year. That means $17.4k more. Not easy, not hard... Let's see how it goes...

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