Friday, October 29, 2010

October Portfolio Update

The month of October saw one of my freezer stock slowly being defrosted... Berlian Laju... That was indeed lucky... I'm still contemplating when to sell it...

The main additions to my portfolio are

1) AIMSAMPIREIT. I was given 27 lots, 24.5 lots entitled, 2.5 lots excess. At the moment, I have 97 lots. Dividend of 0.3938 cts have been declared as well.

2) Keppel Green Trust. I loaded 2 days ago at $1.06 as it seems to be holding well. Whether it will continue to hold remains to be seen. At the moment, I have 15 lots, all at an average of $1.11.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Growing Networth -- My Journey so far

A reader of my blog sent me an email:
I'm working on a framework to allow a fresh grads to generate more passive income ( through dividends investing ) than their monthly expenses and my current spreadsheet shows this as being possible by age 31. The caveat is that the grad has to save 75% of take home pay.

You clearly broke all my financial assumptions on my spreadsheet so I'd like to understand more about your own personal ideas.
This blog post serves to answer his questions, and at the same time, help me to consolidate my thoughts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Berlian Laju

I had wanted to write about Berlian Laju before the recent rise-up, but I just didn't have the time to do so.
These were the articles I had wanted to share when it was around 3.5cts.





I shall just summarize my thoughts in points...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Reservist and what I have learned

I'm back from reservist. I really can't believe how I survived the past month of busy-ness. But back here I am, still in one piece, fortunately.

I talked to many of my peers while in reservist, and have quite a few interesting insights. Unlike what the newspaper make out what the age group of 20~29 to be (in terms of high debt), none I knew while in reservist were under that category. However, I was rather aghast that while most know that financial planning is important, most do not know how to plan their finances, nor know how to invest their monies.

Some of the financial stats of pple I talked to and asked are below. It was rather interesting and enriching.

Person 1. Masters student with scholarship allowance of $3k/mth
Surprisingly, he has  not much savings. While he's not in debt, he spend quite a bit on travel. However, that's not his main expenditure. Interestingly, he spends nearly $1k a month on insurance and savings plan, all "advised" by his financial advisor. As such, he has not much savings left. He has since graduated from his masters program, and starting on a salaried job soon. Same age as me.

Friday, October 1, 2010

September Portfolio Update

The month of September was yet another crazy month. I increased my networth by another $9k including dividends and after expenses. In fact, it has been such a busy month that I did not even look much at how the market was doing, nor did I have much time to update this blog much. However, I had my google adsense account banned too during this crazy month where I did not even have time to visit my own blog much.

Some updates on my portfolio
1) This is the month where I have exercised my Saizen's warrants. I have also written a guide on how to convert your warrants in SGX.