Monday, November 15, 2010

Goal 2013

As the year draws to a close, it's time for me to set my goals and visions for the years ahead so that I have a clear path and direction to take.

My goals for 2010 are here:

Completion Report:

1) Goal of achieving $1k average dividends per month, i.e. $12k dividends a year

2) Goal of setting up ExamWorld to a super big site to help more students
Didn't update much. Will continue to build it.

3) Goal of achieving at least USD$20 per month in adsense income.
Failed. Got banned from adsense. :( 
Could be a blessing in disguise as I'm planning other things.

4) Writing my own notes for my tuition students, and eventually be able to publish and sell to the different schools in Singapore
Started, progressing ok.

5) Goal of reaching $200k (SGD) networth in equities and MMF
Will be achieved next month! Currently at $196k+. Excludes CPF.

It has really been a long and hard year. I slogged long hours to reach this stage. It was only 1 year ago when I set these goals for myself. I'm actually surprised I managed to achieve goal 1 and 5, and goal 3 for a short while.

At the moment, my average dividends per month can cover most of my monthly expenses. It's around $1020, while my personal monthly expenses are usually around $700. Not bad for myself. When the time comes for me to withdraw $$ from my loss making equities and transfer them to dividend stocks, it would probably rise further. But for now, I shall keep those "stuck" money there. Afterall, my realised profits probably more than match the paper losses at the moment.

In all, the goals I have set for myself are more or less achieved. The general direction was where I wanted it to be. The moral of the story: if you set yourself goals and stick to them with self-discipline, even if you fail to achieve it, the general direction will still be correct. I'm glad I managed to achieved a few of what I set out to do a year ago.

My most major expense this year would be my paying of the HDB option fee of $2k, which is still rather small. I guess an even more major expense would come in 3 years time in 2013, of probably around $50k upwards, due to renovations and furniture. That has to be taken into account for my upcoming goals.

Going forward, my goals are slightly of a longer term nature. It is not a one year goal this time round, but a 3 year goal. At the end of 3 years, I will be 30 years old.

1) Goal of achieving $2k average dividends per month, i.e. $24k dividends a year
This new goal is my target in 3 years time. The targeted rate of growth is slower because I will likely be using my cash for my other goals.

2) Goal of setting up ExamWorld to a super big site to help more students
Continued, ever-lasting goal.

3) Goal of building WealthBuch's traffic further
Currently, I have 14k page views a month. I plan to increase this further by having more articles for readers. Less so from promoting it. I hope what I wrote was interesting enough so far.

4) Setting up a publishing company and publish my notes
I'm currently about 35% done with my first A level guidebook. With most of my students having finished A levels from my side, I will have lots more free time come end Nov and Dec. This is the time to power up and increase my authoring.

Target timeline: Book completion (Mar 2011), Publish (Apr 2011), Sales (May~Jun 2011)

A tuition centre could be after this. In plans.

5) Goal of reaching a million in investable assets between me and my girl
A millionaire by 30 years old? Wow. Perhaps I'm just daydreaming, but well, no harm trying!
This excludes our first HDB and our CPF funds. My girl has perhaps about 0.7 times of the amount I have in investable funds after working for about 5 yrs. Respectable I would say. Will need to triple total assets to achieve this goal.

I will need quite a bit of luck this round I guess.


  1. Hi JW,

    I was also banned from adsense!!!!!!!!!!

    I was bewildered because I did not do anything against the rules!!!!!! I did not click on any of the ads on my blog. This is really maddening.

    I wrote to them but they did not reply. Sighz........

    I was wondering besides Adsense, are there other ways of putting advertisements on our blogs? Maybe we can approach the companies ourselves.

    Maybe they only support Americans.

  2. Hi Dividends Warrior,

    you can try Nuffnang. I have not asked for a payment from them yet, but so far, I have heard good reviews.

    Alternatively, you could start selling adspace too!

  3. Very impressed indeed! You are one disciplined young man, and your girl is really lucky to have you. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi MW,

    Thanks for your encouragement.

  5. Hi there
    I am impressed that for a your guy, your financial prowess seems pretty matured. For my self I just only started learning about stocks and shares at half a century old .... LOL
    In your write up you mentioned you achieved your goal of getting 12K dividends a year ... care to share what are the stocks you hold to allow you to achieve this target? TIA

  6. Hi Chawanmushi,

    my holdings are in my portfolio, in the link above.


  7. Hello JW,

    Your youth and energy are your best assets! Very impressed with your accomplishments and goals. I wish you well on your journey to realise your 2013 goals.

    When I was your age, I only knew: work, home, watch TV, sleep. Ha ha!

    Don't forget to smell the flowers along the way. The fun is the journey itself :)

  8. Hi Man of Leisure,

    thanks. I actually found it fun to re-read university physics and clear some concepts that once befuddled me, so that I could create better materials.

  9. Hi JW,

    You've inspired me to set my own goals and more importantly, to track them. Thanks! btw off-topic, how do you start preparing to teach JC tuition? Its been 6 years since I was done with JC and I plan to tutor my cousins.


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