Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Follow Up Quick Views on Eratat

In my earlier post on Eratat, I stated my views of the business and the events happening without taking a good look into the balance sheet. I got interested to pour through Eratat's business, etc, because it appears that quite a number of people are interested in it.

In this post, I will share some quick calculations on Eratat.
Also in this post, let's assume that the financial figures presented by them is correct and all cash is indeed there, else all calculations would be wrong anyway, which sorts of defeats the purpose.

Finally, I take all calculations rounded off, and an exchange rate of 1SGD to 5RMB for simplicity of calculations. Some of my calculations will be in SGD and charts are in RMB.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My views on China Eratat

Recently, I noticed quite a bit of interest in this S-Chip counter called China Eratat. Upon doing some really basic research (note: just basic one), I came upon the conclusion that it isn't worth a punt. While it may eventually turn out to be a multi-bagger, I wouldn't place my bets on it.

I posted some of these in http://www.sgforums.com/forums/2092/topics/423944. I rather not share this over at CNA forum because I know, once people gets extremely bullish about a stock, some would snare, insult, or exhibit some form of mentally incapacitated animalistic behaviour. Might as well share it at places where people are more willing to take note or share with. As CW88 puts it, analysts like to give bullish views because that is what most people like to hear.

My initial views
China Eratat is a sportswear company operating in China. To me, China Textile companies aren't a good fundamental buy at all.

1) Low barrier to entry.
2) Highly competitive.
3) Traditionally low margins. It would be very suspicious if the margins are high.