Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guest Book

Guest Book

Hi all visitors!

This is my Guest Book. Do sign in and leave a comment if you find none of my posts to be worth commenting on!

Thanks for visiting!!!!!


  1. You have a good blog there. Keep it up! :-)

    It took me 3 years to prepare my mind from being employed to be self-employed. And now I am on a journey to establish a business with investors' funds. The journey is challenging, but I believe the rewards will be fulfilling.

    Towards our financial freedom! Cheers!

  2. Hi Leroy,

    thanks for visiting and for the encouragement!

  3. Hi there!

    I'm compiling a list of Singapore Investment Bloggers...


    Have included your site in the list, appreciate if you can also do a link to the site.


  4. Hi Royston,

    there's not enough info on your site at the moment, so I don't think I will add your site yet.

    Thanks for the invitation though!

  5. Hi there,

    I saw ya blog and i learned that saizen reits is good to invest. Thank u for ya tips.

    May i return a favour by introducing Hotung to u. I was thinking of setting up an investment club with like minded people like yourself. Pls advise.Email: john.kohcm@gmail.com

    Thank u.

  6. Hey it would be great if you can give me your analysis and comments on SP Ausnet and SBS.

  7. Hi John,

    thanks for the recommending on Hotung. I haven't had the time to look through it yet :x

  8. Hi Hyruga,

    SBS would be a super defensive play, but the yield is still too low for my liking.

    As for SP Ausnet, SgBlueChip has a nice post on it. You may want to take a look at his blog


  9. Thanks for your replies. Much appreciated.

  10. Hi,
    just read your blog today, I found it there are things to pick up to e.g ur SMART goals in 2009 which we ought to follow and etc. Regarding your insurance so far, you dont have a critical illness or accident insurance.. I do suggest you look for a financially insure company like finexis and talk to them your portfolio and customise your needs. By the way, I am not an insurance agent..

  11. Forgot to mention that, I like your prudent saving and reinvesting your $$ into the portfolio.. There are many ways in generating passive incomes but one has to be discipline to make it worthwhile and be happy about doing it.. The next thing you need to learn how to make your $$ compound faster by investing property, US stocks and etc so that you can become a millionaire, I reckon it is your long term goal.. Just think about it.. Good day

  12. Hi Chan,

    thanks for your comment. I have insurance covering critical illness and accidents already.

    At the moment, my amount is too little to start in property, but I have already opt to buy a HDB BTO.

  13. Hi JW,

    I have set up a site (http://thefinance.sg) to consolidate and link articles of various local bloggers. By consolidating quality articles together, I hope to spread the the knowledge and information to more people.

    I have read through your blog and they are well written and informative. Can I have your permission to publish an excerpt of your article and link the rest of the article back to your site? I am contactable at thefinance.sg@gmail.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  14. Hi Derek,

    I will email you later. Rather busy these days. :(

  15. Hi,

    Read your comment of Eratat on CNA. It make sense on trade receivable. Thank for sharing your thought!

  16. Hi JW, just saw your blog through another a mention from Facebook. I thought your blog is informative and interesting. My website is about Making Passive Income. If you are interested, we can have a link exchange. I can be contacted at calvin@investinpassiveincome.com


  17. Hi JW,

    I just created a blog and have been a follower of your blog for awhile.
    Appreciate if we can have a link exchange, thanks!


  18. Hi JW,

    Keep up the good work with this blog. Thought that I ought to just sign the guestbook that you have put up. =)

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  20. Hi JW,

    I see that you are very well-read and I believe we share common interests in personal finance.
    Do you have any good personal finance/investing book to recommend?

    I have also read George S. Clason's book and all of Robert Kiyosaki's book and I loved them. Are there any other treasures out there?



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