Monday, October 31, 2011

An errant forumer using momoeagle


Latest Update: I have emailed the admin at ShareJunction.com, and he has banned momoeagle from posting in the forums there.
I thank the admin for such a speedy response in upholding the integrity of online sharing.

It has come to my attention that an errant forumer has been using my nickname, momoeagle, in ShareJunction. Please take note that momoeagle in ShareJunction is not me, nor do I share or believe in his analysis.

Apparently, this user has been masquerading with my username in InvestIdeas, and the admin at InvestIdeas has kindly deleted his account and I have registered under myself.

The reason for this post is that this particular user is bent on misleading others using my nickname.

Please take note that I do not support the counters that this clone recommends using that name, nor the "analysis" he wrote. There have been a number of people who asked me privately why I posted "this and that" on InvestIdeas. A real life friend, MusicWhiz, even sent a private message to the "momoeagle" at InvestIdeas.

There is no need for this clone to have any integrity in posting when it is under another person's established nickname, and I believe this defeats the purpose of true sharing among forum members in the investing community.

momoeagle is now my username in a number of stock forums, and no other:
1) ChannelNewsAsia
2) Valuebuddies
3) InvestIdeas
4) NextInsight
5) RMAO forum
6) HardWareZone
7) LowYat Stocks forum

This clone goes by a few nicknames and apparently has no support for his analysis and counters. Hence his current actions.

Meanwhile, I will be back to being busy in real life, i.e. setting up two businesses on top of my full-time job. No time or $$ for stocks, really.

Signing off.