Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Realised Capital Gains After 8 years in the market Is Near Zero

Recently, I mentally tabulated a number of my stocks that I have sold, or suspended, or privatized… And the grand total of capital gains (dividends excluded) among all these realised gains is near zero… :(

Granted, there were a number that were due to mistakes made as a newbie in the stock market. The stocks offhand that I recall:

Review of 2016 and on to 2017

I haves meant to put this post out at the start of 2017, but was delayed by the birth of my princess and preparations for CNY.

I have not really been reviewing my portfolio and stuff since 2014. Looking back, re-reviewing myself, and writing on the blog, actually holds me accountable for my own progress, as well as being a chronicle of my past decision making, be it good or bad.

I wanted to restart this blog with a different focus, but haven’t had the time to do it. Procrastination had set in, along with a myriad of excuses (Which shouldn’t be there in the first place).

First thing, I realised recently that this blog had been extremely useful for myself to track my past purchases, and the reasons for it. What I know today and what I know then is very different, and I cringed at some of the purchases I made in the past.

Next, while I have grew very little in terms of portfolio value over the last 2 years, upon reflection, I realised my cash had gone significantly into
1) Wedding preparations.
2) Housing
3) Shared portion of car loan and misc expenses
4) Baby preparations
5) Purchases of various wants (this amounted to quite a fair bit)