Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Slacking from a 300k+ to 350k+ Portfolio

I realised that it has been a year since I wrote the blog post on my 300k + portfolio (and had it briefly mentioned in the Business Times -.-" )

Over the past year, I have been slacking. Real slacking. By slacking, I really mean I was not working as had as before when I first graduated. Then, I worked 70~80 hour weeks. Now? Probably 20+ hours

AND I have been spending lots.... some for good reason, some just for wants.

I am blessed to still have a portfolio that grew a little.

So... I did a trackback to check on the cashflow....

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Disciplined savings for cash sucking events in life, and not just create an emergency fund

Cash sucking events does not mean emergency funds, but emergency funds will help in allievating cash sucking events.

My definition of cash sucking events is pretty huge, and it's probably a wider definition as compared to just what emergency funds can do.

I list some examples of cash sucking events below

1) Marriage
2) House
3) Baby/Kids
4) Medical Bills
5) Parents' Medical Bills
6) Business
7) Car? Not a necessity but it increases convenience if you have old parents or baby kids who may need to be rushed to the hospital anytime.
and more

I don't really like the idea and concept of just emergency funds, or maybe the more commonly accepted idea that it is for emergencies only. This is especially the case for younger people.

And in my opinion, many emergencies could be covered somehow by adequate insurance. House damage? House insurance. Car accident? Motor insurance. Medical emergencies? Medical insurance. The list goes on. The rest of my thoughts does not apply if you do not have adequate insurance cover.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

How I went from 0 to 100k to 300k+ savings by age 32

Recently, there have been a number of the younger generations (mid twenties) asking how I managed to save... So I decided to write and share my experiences.

Recall that about 2 years ago, the national newspaper has mentioned how it is possible to save 100k by 30 years old. I remember there were quite a number of people who thought it was crazy and undoable, or maybe my memory failed me. Either way, there are a lot of people who achieved that before 30 years old.

Granted, my savings aren't exceptional. I do know a friend who has hit the two million mark when he was age 32 about two years ago. That.... is really exceptional, and I am unable to play at his level at the moment.

I don't want to write a grandmother story, so in summary, these were some of the events that I have been through before today. There were a lot of luck involved, but none involved striking the 4D or ToTo.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Investment Philosophy -- How it has changed for me

Since I first started on this journey years ago, my investment philosophy has changed quite a fair bit.

Back then, I was a greenhorn. I didn't know a lot of stuff. Especially for the first few purchases, it was based on hearsay. Hearsay from forums, from friends, from family. Honestly I didn't know better, and good $$ was lost. That was... in a way... "lesson fees".

Then, in my late twenties, I increase my focus on investing in sustainable businesses. The main focus was on monopolies, oligopolies, as well as "sustainable" REITs. I added inverted commas to the word sustainable before REITs because I may still be wrong in the long run. However, my model has served me well enough for the past few years.

Now, in my early thirties, having "sustained damages" from two of the three bombs, marriage and housing, my investment philosophy has changed a little more. Instead of just investing in sustainable businesses, I'm adopting a "Rise-And-Die-With-Singapore" investment mindset. Just what is this mindset about?