Monday, November 21, 2011

As Year 2011 comes to an end

In case you are wondering, I do know that year 2011 still has one more month to go. But I do think it is time to start reviewing and plan ahead for the next year.

This is the link to Goal 2013 which I had set myself in November last year.

Year 2011 was super busy because of the following goal:

4) Setting up a publishing company and publish my notes
I'm currently about 35% done with my first A level guidebook. With most of my students having finished A levels from my side, I will have lots more free time come end Nov and Dec. This is the time to power up and increase my authoring.

Target timeline: Book completion (Mar 2011), Publish (Apr 2011), Sales (May~Jun 2011)

Sad to say, this was not achieved at all. I'm only currently 75% done with the book due to my heavy involvement in tuition. Nevertheless, I do think I have spent an enormous amount of time on this book.

I have to say I respect people who managed to author good books. It was a rather daunting task. There were much more challenges than I had thought. Writing good notes isn't simply (like some guidebooks out in the market) just putting information and leave it as it is. This leaves students in the lurch, only able to memorize from the notes without deeper understanding. No, I want students who use my notes to truly benefit, to truly appreciate Physics. In fact, I have been giving snippets away for free here and there to students who truly need it, and who truly wanted to learn.

While I didn't achieve this goal at all, there was progress. Which means the goal setting was still useful. Moral of the story: Aim far, and even if you do not achieve your goal eventually, you are still one step nearer to it!