Friday, March 8, 2013

Of 2013 and of budget 2013

It's already March of 2013

Looking back at Goal 2013 and another of my old posts on 2013 Targets, I come to realised my thinking, goals and direction has changed quite a bit.

The Original Goals
1) Goal of $2k/month dividends
First and foremost, I am no longer looking to achieve $2k dividends a month, but planning to maintain the current ~$1.2k per month for a period of time. There's nothing much in the market to buy, and I see no reason to jump in just to achieve this goal.

2) Further building up ExamWorld
I admit that I did not manage to do anything on this website. However, there's still traffic and I believe it might have been somewhat useful to a number of students. Going forward, this will form part of a strategy to further boost the tuition centre.

3) Building the tuition centre
While my main aim is to help as many people as possible, it is still a business, and the tutors need money to eat. Certainly, I have great trust in the centre's capability, and personally, 78% of my A levels physics students achieved A in the 2012 A Levels.

Additionally, it was last year where I had this student whose family was so poor they rented out a room just to pay for her lessons. One of my tutors even wanted to pay for 1 month of her lessons, having won the 4D lottery. Having known that, I gave her the last month of lessons free under my O level physics tutelage. Eventually, it was a happy ending as she got an A2 for pure physics. :)

Such students make me want to work harder, think of ways to reach out to them, and offer as much help as I can. Currently, the centre isn't ready to provide too much help, but I hope to be able to use IT as a way to help these students at the centre in the future.

4) Reaching a million in investable assets
With the stock market boom, my portfolio has increased slightly over $300k, without further input of cash. I cashed out some, but not yet for CPL, CMA and GLP.

My other assets probably add up to just below $100k, so probably I have about $400k in assets. While not little, it's not a lot either.

5) Publishing my notes
As part of my tuition business strategy, the notes probably would not be published and sold, but as part of the resources of the tuition centre.

Having looked through all the above, and thinking hard, I have come to the following for the years ahead.