Friday, November 5, 2010

Musings -- A loyal employee's life

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I just had a salary raise from my full time job. While it might be fair considering the company's position, I'm still a little dissatisfied. However, I'm still stuck because I have to serve my scholarship bond with it.

Basically, I'm dissatisfied because this will contribute very little to the rate at which one can grow his/her networth. Being an employee entails
1) obeyance, follow the orders and directions of someone higher up!
2) being paid a fraction of your worth. The company needs to make profits for shareholders and for the CEO to own a personal helicopter!
3) repeating the same mindless thing many times. This is what others call job experience, or in my opinion, the experience of being able to repeat jobs that are slightly too complicated to be automated by a robot.

Of course, there's nothing wrong in climbing the corporate ladder. But try doing that in an engineering company where there are so many engineers who are equally good, if not better, than you do, and who are older, more senior and thus more eligible to be promoted as compared to you. Try doing it at a place where most of the higher ups are still young, and would most likely still stay for the next 20 years. Chances are, the opportunities will be very limited.

What are my possible routes down the years?
1) Move to a government stat board? There are two I'm interested in, but I shall not say where yet.
2) Be a full time tutor. Perhaps :x
3) Get a bigger place to open a tuition centre, and find like minded tutors to join in. Sounds fun to me.
4) Author even more educational books for A levels. Sounds fun too. I always "dream" of being able to autograph the books that my students could possibly be using.

I realised my current strategy of buying dividend stocks is starting to allow me more flexibility in choosing my paths. Once I managed to have all 200k into an average of 6% sustainable dividend paying equities, I can look forward to take more risks with that small dividend income ($1k per month as of now) as a backing.While the rate of earning isn't all that fantastic, at least it's still able to sustain my most basic monthly expenditure.

The future remains unknown, but it shall remain exciting and fun. Chiong ah!


  1. well the chances of you getting 200k seems to be earlier than me. good with that. I still am not really fully vested but perhaps moving to a stat board gives your brain less stress of the mathematical kind

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  2. but i think moving to a stat board, you will feel extremely stifled. at least from what i have heard, working in the ministries and related agencies really is like how they portray in the show, "Just Follow Law". But then again, there is plenty of job security.

  3. Most importantly, your job should let you urh... trade?

  4. Hi Drizzt,

    I'm indeed very near 200k in total investable amount. I will reach it next month.

    There are others who advised me the same thing, that moving to a stat board might work the brain less. That doesn't really sound as interesting now :x

    Will have to see how it goes.

  5. Hi Singapore Stock Picker,

    I just want to see outside my current place. Staying in the same well might not be as good.

    There are a few places I'm thinking to try out to learn new things. Solar technology is one area that interests me a little too.

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    that's not as important to me now. I've been trading very very little nowadays.

    However, I would like a job that will allow me to still continue my tuition sideline, yet possess a job scope that challenges and interests me.

    All is not certain as of yet. For all I know, I might continue to stay in the same place, because I really like the colleagues I work with. Just some random thoughts and musings :x

  7. Your current strategy of buying dividend stocks has been very interesting. I am definitely looking forward to the time when your average monthly dividends is able to cover all your monthly expenses consistently. That would have been a great inspiration! Jia You!

  8. wow that is fast. i still need 2 years to reach 200k to be honest. man you do save alot.

  9. Hi JW,

    I am in a similar situation as you. I still have 2 more years left on my scholarship bond too. :(

    Right now, I have about 50k invested in the market. Overall, my portfolio is yielding about 7% per annum.

    I also wish to change my job after my bond ends. Setting up a tuition centre is one of my options too.

  10. Hi JW,

    momojojo here. Just set up my blog.

    The link is http://dividendswarrior.blogspot.com/

    Feel free to visit and give comments :)

  11. JOB = Just Obey Boss

    If one can't do that well, one may be out of current JOB soon.

  12. Hi Singapore Parenting,

    that would depend on my expenses, which I'm expecting to grow over time. Certainly, it isn't an easy task, but I guess it should be achievable with planning and discipline :)

  13. Drizzt,

    I do save quite a bit. Probably cuz I'm without much commitments at the moment.

  14. Hi momojojo, or rather, Mr Dividends!

    Thanks for your blog link! I've added it to my growing blog list on the bottom right hand corner!

  15. Hi cw8888,

    that's a good abbreviation. Hahaha :)

  16. Hi JW,

    My fren linked me to your blog. I havent read your blog that much yet but it seems like we have things in common. I just graduated from NUS last year, and I am invested in gold and silver. you can visit my blog too at silvernjin.blogspot.com :)

    I am a full-time tutor and the thought of opening a tuition centre has crossed my mind too. I will be glad to discuss these stuff with you if you are free :)

  17. Hi Jin,

    nice to meet you!

    I'll do some sprucing up of this blog in Dec when all my students finished their exams :)

  18. Maybe your passion of tuition could bring you far! :)

  19. Hi KT,

    Welcome! Hopefully :)


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