Friday, October 29, 2010

October Portfolio Update

The month of October saw one of my freezer stock slowly being defrosted... Berlian Laju... That was indeed lucky... I'm still contemplating when to sell it...

The main additions to my portfolio are

1) AIMSAMPIREIT. I was given 27 lots, 24.5 lots entitled, 2.5 lots excess. At the moment, I have 97 lots. Dividend of 0.3938 cts have been declared as well.

2) Keppel Green Trust. I loaded 2 days ago at $1.06 as it seems to be holding well. Whether it will continue to hold remains to be seen. At the moment, I have 15 lots, all at an average of $1.11.

A short summary of my core holdings:

Portfolio cost: $142k
Portfolio value: $169k
Percentage gain: 18.99%

Dividends reached $975/mth on average, after my 24.5 entitled and 2.5 excess AIMS rights came in, and after I loaded the additional 5 lots of Keppel Green Trust.

Adding to the $28k in the basket I hope to sell off at the bottom, my total cost stands at $170k, an increase from the previous month's $160k. Adding these to my MMF units, I have reached near $188k, $12k short of my target of $200k by cost come end 2010. It now looks possible to achieve $200k target because of the remaining salary for 2010, the Annual Wage Supplement, the Variable Bonus and the dividends from my basket are coming in. Dividends should be coming in the next two months from Starhub, Starhill, CitySpring, SPH, AIMS, Saizen and GRP. LC Dev in my freezer basket is also giving dividends. Basically, the dividends are sufficient to feed me for my remaining 2 months (I supposed), and my active income savings from my full time job will be able to push me to achieve my goal.

I think I might be cutting loss for some, and taking profits for others, around Dec to Jan and rebalance my portfolio somehow. Will have to find some time to do some basic calculations :)

With some free time when my students finish their A levels exams, I will be getting a cupboard from Ikea to store my tuition stuff, and a new and more powerful computer to help me do my stuff. Hopefully my meagre tuition income after most of my students graduated will be sufficient to fund this. Expected amount: $2.5k.

All in all, 2010 networth goal looks set to be achieved... just barely though :)
2 months to go!

Trading Basket -- Hoping to sell off

I want to sell these off when I can, or cut loss when I can take the loss :(
Portfolio cost: $28.6k
Portfolio value: $21.5k
Loss of around $7.1k

(red = freezer stocks to remind myself of my mistakes)
30 lots of Hor Kew at 0.125
20 lots of LC Dev at 0.21
2 lots of Cosco at 2.67 ===> After seeing how Berlian Laju behaves, I'm starting to like this stock, and might move it to part of my core holdings eventually. I will need some more time to read up more here.
160 lots of Berlian Laju at 0.065
20 lots of China Sky at 0.245

I might be re-looking Cosco, Hor Kew and LC Dev to decide if I want to keep it in my main portfolio.


  1. Hi JW,

    Your progress is looking good but I think you might have to discount Saizen's distribution as their next payout is probably in March 2011. ;)

  2. Hi JW,

    Your blog actually inspired me to start my own stock portfolio. In fact, I had almost the same portfolio as you :)

    I am thinking of setting a blog too to record my investing journey. But I have a problem/question as I am not IT savvy.

    Since I am living in Singapore, how can I receive the earnings from Google Adsense?

    Hope you can help me out by giving me some straightforward and simple advice on adsense.



  3. Hi AK,

    with this month's bonus, I'm now even closer to target... Quite happy :)

    Next year could very likely be a much slower month though :(

  4. Hi momojojo,

    Adsense will simply send the cheque directly to your place, and the cheque will be denominated in SGD.

    I'm not sure what advice you need.

  5. Hi JW,

    Thanks for helping me out.

    I see..... so I will receive a cheque. This is useful info.

    But if I only earn a few cents/dollars per month, will adsense still bother to send me a cheque? How often do they send the cheque? Monthly?

  6. Adsense will only send a cheque when you cross $100 USD

    It's all on the Adsense website :)

  7. Thanks for the help.

    Wishing you a successful investing journey. Just to share. Same as you, I also have SPH, Starhub, Cityspring, K-Green and Saizen REIT.

    The rest are different from yours - M1, Capitamall Trust, Suntec REIT, Noble, UOB Kayhian, CACHE, Advanced SCT.

    SPH, Starhub and M1 makes up about 60% of my portfolio.

    What are your opinions of my portfolio? Is it too conservative?

  8. Hi momojojo,

    that's my dream portfolio!

    A pity I started out buying the wrong stuff... i.e. my freezer basket :(

    I want M1, CMT, and Cache too!

  9. Thanks for the compliment :)

    Dun worry, you can focus on preparing your bullets now. When the next dip comes, you will be ready to scoop some bargains. That's how I got some of my stocks too.

    Anyway, my blog will be up in early December.

  10. Hi momojojo,

    I eagerly await your blog!

  11. Hi JW, do you mind commenting on LC Dev which is issuing rights 1 for 5 @ 0.08. Are you going to subscribe to excess rights? Do you think this counter is under-valued?

  12. Hi Hyruga,

    I have not much comments on LC Dev. I will still subscribe for the rights, but I'm still looking for an opportunity to sell it eventually as it does not fit my investment profile.

    Taking it as it goes.


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