Friday, October 1, 2010

September Portfolio Update

The month of September was yet another crazy month. I increased my networth by another $9k including dividends and after expenses. In fact, it has been such a busy month that I did not even look much at how the market was doing, nor did I have much time to update this blog much. However, I had my google adsense account banned too during this crazy month where I did not even have time to visit my own blog much.

Some updates on my portfolio
1) This is the month where I have exercised my Saizen's warrants. I have also written a guide on how to convert your warrants in SGX.

2) AIMSAMPIREIT rights issue is coming up. I will be subscribing for the rights + excess rights, 24.5 lots entitled plus probably 24.5 lots excess.
Total Cost: $7595

A short summary of my core holdings:

Portfolio cost: $132.5k
Portfolio value: $156.7k
Percentage gain: 18.3%

Dividends reached $900/mth on average, and it will touch $940 after the AIMS entitled rights comes in. 

Adding to the $28k in the basket I hope to sell off at the bottom, my total cost stands at $160k, an increase from the previous month's $155k. Some external funds have been prepared for the coming AIMSAMPIREIT rights, so next month will see a boost because of this. Adding these to my MMF units, I have reached near $180k, $20k short of my target of $200k by cost come end 2010. I'm still trying, but I doubt I can make it... Still, I'm glad to know that my general direction is correct.

I have also spent $2k on the option fee for my HDB at Fernvale Foliage. I will blog more about this at a later date.

Trading Basket -- Hoping to sell off

I want to sell these off when I can, or cut loss when I can take the loss :(
Portfolio cost: $28.6k
Portfolio value: $19.9k
Loss of around $8.6k

(red = freezer stocks to remind myself of my mistakes)
30 lots of Hor Kew at 0.125
20 lots of LC Dev at 0.21
2 lots of Cosco at 2.67 ===> After seeing how Berlian Laju behaves, I'm starting to like this stock, and might move it to part of my core holdings eventually. I will need some more time to read up more here.
160 lots of Berlian Laju at 0.065
20 lots of China Sky at 0.245

I might be re-looking Cosco, Hor Kew and LC Dev to decide if I want to keep it in my main portfolio.

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