Friday, November 26, 2010

Negative Emotions Kills Your Progress

Recently, I chanced upon this pretty self-explanatory graphic from the following website:


Basically, negative emotions detract us from our path of intent... at least to me, it does... Over the years, I have gradually learn to think more positively, and to try to put away negative emotions as far as possible. Why get trapped in a vicious cycle of negative emotions and get nothing done eventually?

Emotions is a state of our mind. And being a state of mind, it means we have the power to control it. I believe there are some who called in NLP, abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

In a nutshell, NLP is about using words, past experiences, etc, to alter your state of mind. Nothing is solved, of course, but when your state of mind is altered to a more positive one, things are often more easily completed.

Take for example. I have this H1 maths student last year with failing grades. I asked her what her target score was, and she told me a B3. I asked her why not aim for A1 or A2, and the reply was it's not possible for her. In the end, she scored a B3. This made me wonder.... if she had wanted to score for an A1 or A2, her state of mind would be different. She would have put in more hard work, and not give up easily on questions during exams. Perhaps she would have really achieved an A1 despite failing all the years before.

Or perhaps, a more common example is in the issue of BGR. When student couples break up, some lose focus on their school work (the original path of intent), and choose to focus on the negative emotions brought about by the break up. In the end, grades suffered. Yet others are able to put the negative emotions behind very fast, and are able to continue with their school work.

Negative emotions are destructive in that they make you unhappy (and thus shorten lives :x) and at the same time, possibly lose focus or do something more drastic to derail you from your intended path.

Do recognize however that emotions are something human; it's scary to have zero emotions. Having both positive and negative emotions are part and parcel of life's diversity. However, we have to learn to put behind negative emotions so as not to affect us in achieving our goals. Think positive often. Think happy things often. Think about your successes. Transform your state of mind to a positive one. Being happy or unhappy does not alter the length of each second, each minute, each hour. Isn't it far better to stay and feel positive?

To end this, let us just sit back, relax and smile.

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