Thursday, October 22, 2009

Millionaires -- Jolin Tsai

This is an interesting piece of news. Moral of the story: work hard, work smart.

Jolin Tsai's fortunes now worth S$60 million

Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai first made her debut onstage in 1999 with her album, Jolin1019. Her cutie-pie good looks won over the hearts of many fans and sealed her standing in the entertainment industry.

Although Jolin's conflict with her previous management company over contract issues in 2001 proved to be threatening, the pop princess made a glorious comeback in 2003 with her hit music album, Magic.

In this period of time, Jolin worked on her career and continued to release six other music albums. She took on drama series, advertorials, wrote books and even branched out to the fashion industry with her own clothing label, 72 Changes. Within these 10 years, she has amassed a wealth of S$60 million and owns three houses with a total market value of S$9.75 million.

Thankful for her fan's everlasting support , Jolin wrote on her blog, "I would like to thank the cute children who have accompanied the princess through many ups and downs"

"You guys always say that the princess is your pride and energy. Actually, 'you guys' are my strength and pride. Without all of you, I don't think the princess will be able to make it through and feel all your love."

Previously busy with the album promotions for her latest music album, Flower Butterfly, Jolin will be taking a one-month break and will tour various countries in Europe together with her older sister.

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