Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crash coming... Panicking? Don't!

Ok, an imminent crash is coming. Do you panic? Run! Shout help?!


First, ask yourself if you are a trader or an investor.

If you are a trader going on the long side, then it's time to cut loss or look for an exit strategy. Then place yourself on the short side. Being nimble is key.

A trader thrives on volatility and nimbleness. Be it bull or crash, both are opportunities to profit from going short or long. The key is discipline in following a system.

If you are an investor, a crash is an opportunity to buy more of your favourite company at a lower price!

A crash is like a sale. When there are sales in shopping centres, throngs of people buy more. Yet when the stock market is giving a sale, people run. Is there any logic in that?

It's time to stay calm and rational, to define your money and risk management strategy in such turbulent times.


  1. Hi, Momo, this is new investor. I just started a new blog but I have no idea how to post a chart up. Can teach?

  2. Hallo!

    I saw your blog. You have successfully posted the charts right?

  3. Theirs sure enough gloom and doom to go around thats for sure.


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