Thursday, October 22, 2009

STI Updates

The market just doesn't make it easy for us to understand :(
It seems tougher and tougher to read the market nowadays.

I was reading through on Gann Analysis when I come across this indicator: Gann Hi-Lo Activator. According to this indicator, it appears that STI has crossed into down-trend territory. Will monitor more on this indicator, and possibly do some back testing when I have the time.

It appears that the rally is coming to an end. On deeper analysis now, I believe I was dumb to attempt to punt and beat the market in the following

Berlian Laju (28 lots @ 0.125, now 0.120 down $140)
China Sky (20 lots @ 0.245, now 0.235 down $200)

Hor Kew (30 lots @ 0.125, now 0.115 down $300)
LC Dev (20 lots @ 0.21, now 0.20 down $200)

If I were to sell all right now at a loss, I would incur a loss of $840 + $240 brokerage, about $1k.... Ouch! Considering that my realised profits are about $7k so far, I should treat it as returning some profits to the market :( Fortunately, I still have some unrealised profits for buffer...

I guess I would need to be very cautious to cut loss... The paper loss might balloon a little more before I cut...

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