Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The recent run up in Capitaland's price has boosted my portfolio greatly.

Capitaland closed exact at the middle of the Friday's white candlestick, which is $4.3... In my weak understanding of candlestick formations, one of the support would be the middle of a long white candlestick. With this understanding of candlestick supports, the next support would be around 4.12 ~ 4.13

Feeding the data into my excel sheet of today's price action, in calculating the last 3 day's action, there's no trigger to sell yet. Tomorrow must close above 4.27 (hopefully) for Capitaland to remain bullish...

Now the interesting portion... Capitaland's EW wave count seems clearer than that of STI... It appears that we are only in the mega 5th wave... And not in wave C of Pri B as originally thought.... from Cap
italand's chart... If we consider the EW counts of Capitaland in the picture above, I guess we would really see $5...

Conclusion: Short term volatility expected of Cap
italand, but mid term, it should still be going up. After clearing yesterday's $4.46, next resistance could be previous peak at $4.63.

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