Monday, November 30, 2009

Going for 1-week reservist

I will be off from market for 1-week of reservist. Will still be getting my girlfriend to help me queue for these 2 stocks for dividend investments.

1) 3 lots of Starhub
Tgt Price: $1.83 (changed to reflect 5 cents dividend after it was at $1.88)

2) 10 lots of Starhill Global REIT
Tgt Price: $0.500

Total price: $10640 excluding brokerage.

The technicals of Starhub does not look favourable. However, I believe in the long term management. So I would queue to buy at the support price.

Starhill has 2 supports. Depending on the price actions, I might enter at a later date of $0.520....

If these two trades went through, they would sort of finish up my spare cash and my salary + 2 months of annual wage supplement, with only my coming dividends left for me to spend. However, it would increase my monthly dividend amount to about $540 from my dividend and investing basket, bringing me one step closer to my first target of $1000 per month.

Tuition is starting soon, so I will be able to build up more funds again to do more things.

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