Thursday, August 27, 2009

STI Updates

Updates: I made a mistake yesterday. The latest date of sudden movement is 6 trading days from today, not 3. That gives the latest date at 4th September.

STI closed with a doji today. That's interesting, because combined with the previous day's white candle, a bearish doji star is formed.

A black candle tomorrow will form a bearish evening doji star.
Will this be the prelude to the subwave 2 that I'm waiting for?

Another interesting fact: STI opened at the 20 day MA for the past 2 days, and for today, it was supported by this 20 day MA. It has broken the blue downchannel resistance line yesterday. The 4D number to look out for tomorrow would be 2614, the blue support/resistance line. The next number would be 2600, the 20 day MA support. Finally, the last strong support would be at 2555, the purple support line that stretched from March 09.

Pivot calculations:
Pivot 2623.35

R1 2644.07
S1 2607.71
R2 2659.71
S2 2586.99
R3 2680.43
S3 2571.35

It would be healthy for a mini correction to occur soon before another upwave.

There's something weird about the personality of this recent correction that is nagging me, but still eluding me. Might have to wait for more waves to unfold before the secrets are revealed.

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