Sunday, August 16, 2009

Personal Goals

Goal setting is something very important. It gives one direction, vision, and clarity on which pathway to proceed when at a crossroad. Being able to set realistic goals (ok, maybe slightly tougher than realistic) is an extremely ingredient to achieve financial freedom. One of the aims of this blog is to help myself pen down thoughts, set goals, evaluate myself, and constantly remind myself of my goals.

Before starting this blog, I had set myself at the start of 2009 some personal goals. I shall recap some, and give some comments.

1) Goal of matching my full-time engineer (fresh grad) pay with my tuition income
Comments: Well, I graduated in May 2008. Target achieved. I managed to earn tuition ang pow money of average twice my post CPF engineer pay between May to now.

Target exceeded :)

2) Goal of reaching $100k net investments (exclude unrealised gains/losses) by end 2009
Comments: Soon. Target definitely achievable. Next target being set at the moment.

3) Goal of achieving $1k average dividends per month, i.e. $12k dividends a year
Comments: I'm 1/3 of my way there. There's no point rushing because I want to buy assets for value as well.

4) Goal of setting up ExamWorld to a super big site to help more students
Comments: I was too busy to continue building the site due to lots of tuition assignments and spending time looking at my trades or investments. Furthermore, I have to spend time with my potential wife :)

Traffic seems to be building up well these days for ExamWorld. Shall build it more when I give my students a break after their final exams (and thus have more spare time).

During the course of 2009, I had set myself goals of learning technical analysis as well. As you can see, I have been learning quite a lot, although there are still much more to learn :(

Since most of my goals have been achieved or going to be achieved, I shall be setting a new set of goals soon, and updating here. This is necessary because I feel like I have reached another crossroad. Where I proceed on from here is paramount in my journey.

After reading this, are you going to set your own goals as well?

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