Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ok, this is where I shall update my portfolio ocassionally, especially when there are major changes.

My style:
Some funds allocated to dividends investing.
Some funds allocated to more growth investing.
Some funds allocated to trading.

At the moment, my portfolio is as follows:

My dividend portfolio:

MIIF had lower dividends this time round, but from the analysis of grandmaster89 from Market Talk forum, I'm convinced that it will recover in due time.

CitySpring is issuing rights, 1 for 1 at 48 cents. I will subscribe for it plus excess rights. My dividend yield would drop, but as long as it is above the 6~7% region, I'm fine with it.

My investing/growth portfolio:

I had made a mistake selling 1 lot of Capitaland too early at $3.50.

My trading portfolio:

This portfolio will always appear as the worst performing portfolio, simply because those with high profits, yet high risks of losing them, have already been sold.

Cosco was the first stock I bought. The very day I bought it, the CEO stepped down. Needless to say, it remained red till now.

I haven't been too successful in trading at the moment. Shall try to learn and understand more.

Unit Trust bought before beginning to learn trading/investing in equities:
First State Dividend Advantage (Cost: $4500)
DWS Global Inflation Buster (Cost: $1000)

In a nutshell, the cost of my total portfolio stands at $80290, with about $5.3k in MMF waiting for further opportunities should any arises. This is however rather insufficient because of my plans to apply for excess rights for CitySpring. Hopefully, I will be able to earn more from tuition and salary before the day to subscribe for the rights.

With DWS Global Inflation Buster shutting down, and having profit about 50 bucks, I will most likely redeem the unit trust to free up 1k more.

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  1. I'm not into trading. I thought traders need to practise cut-loss discipline? For example, your COSCO should be sold when it drops x% from the price you bought. The fund recover could then be placed onto another better opportunity stock.

    For myself, even for my investment portfolio, I practise money management and have set trailing cut loss for my stock holdings which fortunately have not been breached. Though the cut loss % is not as tight as a trader as I am more interested in buying and holding for the market cycle.


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