Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Portfolio Update

May was a month of mayhem :)
Like I warned in the first week of May, a Head and Shoulders pattern was observed at the end of 5 major Elliott Waves. This would signify that our interim top has arrived.

Indeed, May saw STI plunging nearly 300~400 points. My newly loaded Aztech in April saw a decline to 20cents, while my overall portfolio went down by a fair bit.

My only purchase in May was an additional 25 lots of AIMSAMPIREIT at 0.205 to make up 70 lots. This adds another 500+ in dividends to my annual dividend amount. As of now, my average monthly dividends amount has achieved $733, getting closer to my first target of $1k average per month.

As for my trading basket, Berlian Laju has proposed a rights issue. This is extremely irritating as I have condemned this stock to my freezer, yet it is begging for attention with a rights issue. Worse still, the price drops further, exacerbating my unrealised loss in this counter. This counter, along with China Sky, are my biggest headaches. Indeed, if you do not cut loss early enough, the loss will come and cut you. This applies to me.

The month of May also saw dividends coming in from Starhub, Breadtalk, Capitaland, Aztech, Cosco, SPH, ST Engg, Hor Kew and Starhill, totalling nearly $2k. A nice mid year bonus for me. The month of June will see Starhub, CitySpring and AIMSAMPIREIT dividends coming in. I look forward to that.

A short summary of my core holdings:

Portfolio cost: $115140
Portfolio value: $127115
Percentage gain: 10.4%

At the moment, I still have sufficient spare funds to load in case of any possible downturn. I'm trying to build my cash reserves as fast as possible. This would be moderately hard in the months to come because
1) Berlian Laju rights issue --> I might sell the rights or cut loss on my counter.
2) HDB Option Fee of $2k --> Selection of HDB flat
3) My sis's new matrimonial home --> Promised to buy something big for her
4) A new desktop --> Thinking how I should clear my table to get a new desktop. My current laptop is old.
5) Saizen REIT Warrants --> Need $5k to exercise.

The above are big commitments which will suck up my cash reserves. I have to try to earn more than they can suck to increase the reserves. Ganbatte!

Trading Basket -- Hoping to sell off 

I want to sell these off when I can, or cut loss when I can take the loss :(
Portfolio cost: $25210
Portfolio value: $15160
Loss of around $10k

(red = freezer stocks to remind myself of my mistakes)
30 lots of Hor Kew at 0.125
20 lots of LC Dev at 0.21
2 lots of Cosco at 2.67
60 lots of Berlian Laju at 0.117
20 lots of China Sky at 0.245


  1. setting up a new pc is good! i just set up mine and makes me more efficient. mine cost around SGD 500 or less and its a AMD x3 Triple core.


  2. Hi Drizzt,

    I prefer Intel :x

    Not sure how much it would cost... Was thinking of getting one from Fuwell at Sim Lim.

  3. I'm also vested in Berlian Laju. The rights came as a surprise to me as I thought they won some xxx million dollar project recently.

    -- http://MaoStone.blogspot.com

  4. Hi Mao Mao,

    I would prefer to exit Berlian Laju as it does not give any dividends.

    My style has changed since I bought it half a year ago. :)

  5. Hi, Can you advice how do you arrive at 7.39% (% yield) for saizen reit?

  6. Hi axt,

    you can see my calculations here:


  7. Hi JW,

    My understanding is that Berlian Laju gave annual dividends in Julys. Is it not happening this year?

    -- http://MaoStone.blogspot.com

  8. Hi Mao Mao,

    Berlian Laju did not give a dividend in Jul 2009 if I remember correctly. It was making losses.

    This year, I wouldn't be sure. It just had its first quarterly profit, but whether it would sustain remains to be seen.

  9. Hi JW,

    I checked SGX. Berlian Laju has given dividends for the past 3 Julys. Last year's one was a pathetic amount.

    Let's cross fingers for July 2010. :D

    -- http://MaoStone.blogspot.com

  10. Hi Mao Mao,

    You are right!!!!! NICE! I missed it!
    At least we get to have some cash back :)


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