Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Google Adsense Monetization

For the month of May till now, my adsense click through rate (CTR) for WealthBuch is at 0.21% while the click through rate for timeless info site ExamWorld is at 1.54%. However, the page view for WealthBuch is nearly 7 times of ExamWorld and the Pay Per Click (PPC) is higher.

Somehow, for WealthBuch, this drop in CTR came on the backdrop of me changing the blogskin. My main reason for changing this blogskin was because of the template designer accessible from http://draft.blogger.com, and pointed out to me by La Papillion, which makes it much easier to customize this blog as and when I wanted.

Perhaps it's the rearrangement of the blog, perhaps it's the rearrangement of the ads position, perhaps the ads are not targeting the right audience, perhaps it's due to some other factors, I do not know. The low click through rate just gets lower for WealthBuch as time goes on, unlike ExamWorld.

It's indeed interesting. Perhaps ad and blog colour do play a part. ExamWorld uses the most common white background and link colour blue, whereas WealthBuch uses an unconventional dark background along with an unconventional link colour of orange. That could be a reason. But I guess ExamWorld has sort of found a niche, and the ads now fit in very well. Not so for WealthBuch, especially after the tweaking of the blog skin.

The money isn't a lot, nor would it make my life substantially better. I do not dream nor aspire to be a full time blogger as well. Just that I don't want to sit down and let the CTR continue sliding without knowing why. Shall see....

I guess I need to relook the strategies again. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

There will be more changes and tweaks along the way as I experiment for this blog.

Think I must. Experiment I will.

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