Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Floods in Orchard Road

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Environment and Water Resources Minister, says: "You can't design for rainfall of this level, it is just too huge. The thing we can accept is that we can only design our canal of a certain size, and at the end of the day, we have to live with some of these occurrences which occur once in 50 years or so. I know it is inconvenient to some Singaporeans, but on the part of PUB and NEA, we'll do our best to alleviate the problem as quickly as possible."

A deja vu of Nov 2009, where our minister mentioned a flood of once in 50 years too :)

Nov 2009:
THURSDAY'S deluge which submerged parts of Bukit Timah was a 'freak' event that occurs once in 50 years, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Yaacob Ibrahim said yesterday.

Jokes aside. I wonder how the electronics shop at Lucky Plaza and the food stalls at Wisma Atria, etc, will be. Damages would be rather high.

Hopefully no one is injured...

On a sidenote, Starhill Global REIT owns a stake in Wisma and Ngee Ann City. Capitaland owns Ion Orchard. Wheellock owns Wheellock place, all around the same area. Just thought I would mention this since this is a primarily finance blog.

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