Sunday, June 27, 2010

Half-yearly update on Goal 2010

Half of 2010 has passed! The last time I reviewed myself was my quarter review here.

1) Goal of achieving $1k average dividends per month, i.e. $12k dividends a year
Since the quarter review, I purchased an additional 19 lots of Aztech at 0.24, raising my average to 0.2338 and my total number of lots to 50 lots. In addition, I topped up more AIMSAMPIREIT at 0.205 till I have 70 lots. However, I sold my remaining Singtel lots at $2.97, but failed to buy back at $2.90 :(
I believe I will be able to buy back Singtel at a lower price.

The average monthly dividends from this basket stands at about $715, an increase from $659 since the previous update. If Saizen meets my moderately conservative expectations of $12.20 per lot per month, after conversion, I will achieve $775 monthly. Saizen's report will be out soon, so I will wait for it eagerly. The board has been buying more and more warrants recently. It's really an undervalued counter.

2) Goal of setting up ExamWorld to a super big site to help more students

Still the same...

Singapore's first free online short to
medium questions and solutions database

Haven't been updating a lot recently (again)  :(
Although I did add a few questions.

 There are also some adsense income from this site even though I didn't update much. Enough for a cup of coffee or two a month!

3) Goal of achieving at least USD$20 per month in adsense income.
I have achieved this on average for the last 2 months. I guess I should be able to reach $100 again in 3 to 4 months time...

Traffic to this blog has increased to about 120++ unique viewers a day, and about 600+ page views a day. I realised that the CTR for Examworld is actually higher than the CTR for WealthBuch. After giving some thoughts, I believed that CTR will be high for content sites with information that people are looking for, and not a blog on the financial freedom journey I'm taking.

4) Writing my own notes for my tuition students, and eventually be able to publish and sell to the different schools in Singapore
I have progressed quite a fair bit here. Initially, I was not able to type out my notes immediately on a word processor because when faced with a monitor screen, my inspiration just went out of the window.

So, I started off with what I do best. I imagine that a tuition student was beside me, and I was trying my best to write down the major concepts for him. With that, I handwritten quite a few sets of notes.

And now, recently, I have managed to progress to typing out straight, printing out the notes, review it, edit it again, and repeating this process. After which, I gave to my students, and procured for feedback from them to improve the notes.

I hope to be able to complete everything by the end of this year, and probably set up a publisher (to just own the copyright and do the sales, not the printing which will be subcontracted out) to publish the guidebook.

As of now, it's a payless extra sideline :)

5) Goal of reaching $200k networth in equities and MMF
As of now, my networth in equities and MMF adds up to nearly $155k. Another $45k to achieve before reaching my target. Extrapolating my current rate of increase tells me that I might not be able to reach this goal by the end of 2010.

From 2011 onwards, I might be adding properties to networth goals. However, for 2011, I expect my rate of growth to be slower, as I'm planning to just let my money grow via dividends and dividends re-investing, and spending a bit more time with my loved ones, while probably working less hard.

I will review my goal at the halfway point again in end-Sep 2010....


  1. Hi JW,

    I am very impressed. You are a highly motivated individual. I have no doubt that you can do it!

    I look forward to reading about your progress. :)

  2. Wow AK71,

    you are fast in commenting!

  3. Hi Drizzt!

    Let's huat together :)

  4. bro you might be intersted in this >> http://www.investmentmoats.com/lounge/new-bto-projects-my-friends-punggol-and-seng-kang/

  5. Hi Drizzt,

    I saw it. Thinking hard... EC or HDB, EC or HDB :x


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