Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Dividends that are coming

It's about a year since I have embarked on this journey of trading investing playing with fire buying stocks. I have made mistakes as seen in my trading baskets in red... LC Dev, Hor Kew, Berlian Laju, China Sky, Cosco.... If only those funds in these counters were placed in dividend counters.... Ah... Hindsight is always so accurate...

The rest of my dividend/investing stocks are more or less green, or at worst, flat, at the moment. Indeed, it appears that I have more 'luck' in choosing such stocks. 

The previous time I made such a similar post on coming dividends can be found here. This time, I'm making this again to help track the coming dividends as I have loaded much more on dividend stocks than before.

So to track, my dividends that are coming for the next 2 months (no more for the month of March)

Starhub $500

Starhub $500
Capitaland $210
Cosco $60
Hor Kew $75 ===> to be used to offset Hor Kew's average price to 0.12 instead of 0.125
Aztech $387.50
SPH {Unsure yet}

SPH has yet to announce their results, so I'm not sure how much they would give yet. But currently, excluding SPH and Hor Kew, I can expect $1657.50 in dividends to be coming by end of May :)


  1. Hi AK71,

    I'm pretty sure it's much less than your holdings from AIMSAMPIREIT and in the near future, Saizen REIT. :)

  2. Hi JW,

    We have some stocks in common: SPH, STE, CitySpring and AIMS. If you get yourself into FSL Trust, that would be another one. ;)

    Saizen REIT should be a pillar in my high yield portfolio in future. Keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

  3. Hi AK71,

    I'll be looking into Saizen a 2nd time this weekend with my new insights...


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