Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bought Aztech Group

Bought 31 lots of Aztech today at 0.23.

Why the odd number? Because I had bought 30 lots, then there was 1 sore lot left at 0.23 getting in the way. So I cleared it for the fun of it :) Also, there's a cum dividend coming on 23rd Apr 2010.

However, there were still constant sellers at 0.23, so it wasn't cleared in the end. Grrr.....

Aztech is bought with both capital appreciation and dividend growth in mind. I liked this company, and I will delve into deeper details on why I made this purchase when I find the time tonight, both technicals and fundamentals.

Aztech is involved in the following:
Electronics (Az Electronics: modems and telecommunications, RF)
Marine (Az Marine: Logistics side)
Property (Az United: Material Supply)
Lighting (Az E-lite: LED lighting)

With this purchase (which costs $7130 + $30 brokerage), my dividend portfolio stands at $80k, and my average monthly dividend payout from my dividends basket is now at around $545, assuming 1.65 cents annual dividends for Aztech post-rights. That's a 7.2% yield at my price. Ya, not as good as Starhub's 9% at current prices, but I believe in it's potential for growth.

I need $455 more on average per month to reach my first target of $1k per month from dividends. Assuming I get an average of 7% for my remaining investments, I need about $78k more to achieve it. Then I will look to achieving the 2nd $1k monthly.


  1. Hi JW,

    Quite curious on your rationale to purchase Aztech. Hope to see your analysis soon!


  2. Hi MW,

    I have found out the reason for the dip in Q42009 revenue. Will share with you tonight :)


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