Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm tired....

I'm starting to tire... It seems to me that some signs of exhaustion is present in my on this journey towards financial freedom ever since I started this blog on my progress. Perhaps I really need a little break... One thing is for sure though... my networth is moving in the correct direction.... 

The journey towards financial success is indeed a marathon; there's little point exhausting all the energy in the initial stages of the journey.

Just like a big pile of firewood. Used properly, it could last us a long time in keeping us warm and lighting up the surrounding area. But if we burn all at one go, the area around would be extremely warm, and extremely bright..... but it could only last just 1 night...

At times, I think to myself... is what I'm doing at the moment correct? Am I going about it in the most efficient manner given my current circumstances? Am I working too hard at a vehicle that's moving too slowly? Is there a better method?

Or... am I too greedy and blinded to seek for a faster and shorter route?

With my above thoughts, I turned to looking at how the wealthiest gain their wealth. After some researching, it is in my beliefs that the most common way for non-soccer or NBA superstars to achieve financial freedom fast is to embark on entrepreneurship. Not just being self employed like teaching tuition, but having a business, a product, or a service to sell... something that is scalable, something that can continue even when I'm sick or too busy to attend... Being employed by others is almost a sure path to reach this destination slower for most of the time....

I have one year more before my scholarship bond ends... I will have to see how this pans out...


  1. i would be happy to be in your position really.

  2. Hi JW,

    You are but one person. You will have to leverage on others to make more money for yourself. Yes, going into business is the way to become rich faster... if you succeed.

    You still have decades ahead of you. So, you are right in thinking maybe you need to take a little break. Pace yourself. :)

  3. Oh well I had the notion of Financial Freedom since back in 2006, previously it was a "passion" but now just plodding along haha. The practical part of it will temper any fiery enthusiasm, trust me on that! But it's a marathon, so just pace yourself.

    Good to take a break too. Rest and relax. I personally love that!


  4. Hi Gosu Warrior,
    it's not about being in the position :(

  5. Hi AK71,

    You are right. I'm just a little bored of the market... It would be easier to just remain in my current comfort zone... But somehow, that's not me...

    Yet, I'm a little tired wanting to be outside my comfort zone, attempting new things here and there, researching on new companies here and there...

  6. Hi MW,

    thanks for the comment and encouragement!

    You are right that it's a marathon... I learned that from your blog :)

  7. Hi,

    I chanced upon your blog and think that you are so disciplined. Absolutely put me to shame.

    I also have goals for financial freedom but is nowhere near where you are now.

    Perseverence is the key to this long drawn battle and perhaps your just need what i call a 'pattern interrupt'. Take a break and go on a holiday to refresh yourself. Come back, and you will probably revive your fire.

    I will definitely continue to read and comment on your blog and I hope eventually we will both reach our end goal :)


  8. Hi Tomy,

    thanks for visiting! I have "recovered" somewhat, and continuing on my journey again :)


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