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Your Luck in 2010 (based on Chinese Zodiac)

A happy Chinese New Year to all readers!
May you be prosperous, healthy and successful in the year of the Tiger!

{I'm born in the year of the Boar! Huat ah!}


The Rat is strongly affected by the star of love and romance this year, which brings distractions to the work front. This star can bring a lot of marital happiness and good relationships so long as the Rat does not succumb to the effects of the External Flower of Romance star, which affects everyone. In order to ensure that good relationships come into your life, it is important that you attract legitimate love and romance luck. The Rat also gains education luck, which is very fortunate for those still in school. Two unlucky stars affect the Rat in 2010 and these are the 3 killings and the Natural Disaster star.

A suitable amulet is to hang up the Vairocana Plague on the north wall.

2010 brings the Ox a special kind of good fortune with the Big Auspicious Star only to be hampered by the presence of the Illness Star. The energy of the Ox is low this year, which is only to be expected since it is in side conflict with the Tai Sui. This results in the Ox enjoying excellent success and wealth and career luck, at the expense of their health. So as to avoid obstacles brought about by the Tai Sui, they should invoke some divine help. All Oxen must strengthen their health luck in 2010 otherwise they will miss out on a years worth of good luck.

A suitable amulet is to display the Antahkarana Wu Luo in the Northeast

The year will bring competitive pressures; intense politicking and you may get drawn into a situation where you are put in a very difficult position. You need to be extra careful of the company that you keep, as there is a chance that you may get involved in something dangerous. The year also brings ill health, so be very aware of epidemics, take all precautions and cut down on your traveling. The Tai Sui resides in your location this year so you must appease the Grand Duke with prayers and other measures.

A suitable amulet is to wear the Antahkarana Signet Ring

After a tiring year, the Rabbit’s luck improves with gains in health, money and success luck. The annual heaven star brings you plenty of help, which means you will have a generally smooth and productive year. The Tiger year will be especially pleasant for the 47-year-old Rabbit, which experiences excellent windfall luck with plenty of money. Although your luck forecast is generally good, it is advisable that you enhance for heaven luck. The Yi Duo star brings some obstacles during some months of the year.

A suitable amulet is to wear the 6 Stone Circles with the Amitabha Mantra Pendant.

The good fortune of the Dragon reduces in 2010 but you are helped by the appearance of the Star of Golden Deity, which brings assistance. You will need to activate this auspicious star to pull you out of trouble especially during unlucky months when things can get difficult. You could find yourself having to cope with predicaments and problems caused by troublesome people.

A suitable amulet is to display the Double Horned Rhinoceros & Elephant Plague in the southeast of your home.

The Snake can happily look forward to a dynamite year despite the troublesome robbery star flying into its home location. In addition to the Star of Heavenly Seal putting its stamp of approval on everything the Snake does this year, this lucky sign will also benefit from a set of powerful indicators which brings success, career, health and inner strength. It can be said that the snake is the luckiest animal in 2010, but they should not take things for granted.

A suitable amulet is to wear the Trinity Ring.

The Horse can afford to gallop into 2010, with its head held high and a big smile for the coming Year of the Tiger (who is its ally). It is a strong year for you with plenty of energy; self-confidence and inner fortitude helping you forge ahead, perhaps too much because you can be a real feisty Horse this year. You will be louder, noisier and more hotheaded than ever. As such, you should develop more patience and curb their irritableness.

A suitable amulet is to wear the Lotus Mandala Pendant.

The Sheep is afflicted by the wu wang, also known as the Five Yellow and you will have to cope with misfortunes brought about by this dreaded affliction. Obstacles that block your progress will manifest throughout the year and problems stand in the way of your success. To make matters worse, your chi strength is a double negative this year, as is also your Life Force. This indicates an unfortunate lack of inner confidence and self-assurance. You will need to strongly counter the effects of the misfortune star.

A suitable amulet is to display the Namgyalma Stupa in your living room.

The Monkey is in direct conflict with Tai Sui, and also afflicted by the wu wang, which means their luck is generally not good this year. However, there are other influences that indicate a strong live force and inner chi essence that will help the Monkey to cope with troubles and problems and possibly end the year stronger then ever. It is indeed fortunate that the Tai Sui of 2010 is both benevolent and tolerant.

A suitable amulet is to display the Green Tara Plague on your work desk.

The Rooster can look forward to a bonanza year filled with achievements and a variety of auspicious events. The Rooster’s luck is augmented by a high degree of vitality and spirit essence, so good fortune comes easily to many of you. Obstacles will magically disappear and there will be few hindrances to block your ability to shine above the competition. Work and business developments will be exiting and brings upwards recognition and promotion. Although your luck forecast is positive, it is still important to take some precautions.

A suitable amulet is to carry the Good Income Amulet.

The Dog enjoys the Luck of the Small Auspicious, which means there will be a series of small but meaningful reasons to celebrate through the year. There will not be anything earth-shattering coming to you but in a variety of small ways, you have reason to smile. In terms of the year’s feng shui and its effect on you, there are good opportunities for establishing projects or ventures that brings long-term gains. The year will be kind as the Tiger is your ally, but on the overall, your intrinsic energy is weak and so success may be difficult to achieve.

A suitable amulet is to display the 9 Rank Liu Li Birds on your work desk.

2010 brings success luck in the areas of career and your personal life. There will be a series of small but meaningful reasons to celebrate throughout the year. The Tiger is your secret friend after all and will bring you some assistance. Some boars will suffer from afflicted feng shui, and the presence of petty thieves will be present for parts of the year leading to financial loss, but by and large, this year brings you the chance to lay a good foundation for future prosperity. Keep a positive attitude and stay optimistic as you put in place the various remedies for the year.

A suitable amulet is to carry the Wealth Crane Talisman for promotion luck.

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