Monday, February 22, 2010

STI Updates

The correction came as expected... How nice... if only life was so perfect....

From the chart below, we can see that STI has reached near to the 61.8% retracement level... While STI could theoretically reach 2700 before retracing, I doubt so. Let's see how...

To me, wave b of ii could have completed. How about wave c of ii (upwards) soon to 2850?
Just a quick recap of my count: 2947 marks the start of wave i downwards of Intermediate A of Pri 2 correction. Wave ii correction is underway now, in which I expect it to end near 2850...

There's however a much more bullish alternative count, but I shall stick to my primary count and remain bearish at the moment.

Good luck trading!


  1. Hi Momo,
    Mind sharing your bigger wave for STI .. ie starting from 1455 ?

  2. Hi holy,

    I haven't changed my views yet on the 5 waves up since March, with first wave extension, and now beginning the 3 waves down in Primary 2 wave.

  3. Can post on picture form? Don't understand the nomenclature "( cheers

  4. holy, needs a lot of time to do the picture leh... been rather busy recently... :(

    I try over the weekend :)

  5. Cool... Looking forward to yr big wave


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