Wednesday, January 20, 2010

STI Updates

Chartnexus is really slow in updating the STI index nowadays. I added the last candle myself... and the indicators are one day late...

This is another count of the 5th wave instead of the ending diagonal. However, STI is still in a rising wedge. This count comes to mind because of the strength of the 3rd wave. In an ending diagonal, the 3rd wave would probably not have such strength and breadth.

Appears that correction might have ended. STI might probably go into the 5th of 3rd wave to complete at the 61.8% fibo line (2968) where most people seems to be expecting.

Following which, a possible 4th wave to a maximum possible of 2803 before the count gets invalidated, and finally, the 5th wave, which could bring us to new heights.

However, being the 5th of 5th wave, the likelihood of that final expected wave would likely find it hard to break the 3000 barrier since it wouldn't have as much strength. That would perhaps be the trigger to say bye bye rally.

I shall stick to my counts until it fails. Would most likely start moving some funds into defensive sectors like SingPost instead. Have to see how it goes as the waves unfold more secrets.

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