Monday, January 25, 2010

Portfolio Updates

Been quite some time since I updated my Portfolio here...

My portfolio is mostly unchanged, except for extra Singtel lots I bought.

Dividends Basket -- Mainly for dividends
6 lots of SPH @ 3.65
6 lots Capital Commercial Trust @ 0.84
13 lots of CitySpring at 0.51 (7 lots from rights)
16 lots of Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund at 0.305
2 lots of ST Engg at 2.28
20 lots of Starhill Global Reit at 0.525
6 lots of Starhub at 1.895
26 lots of GRP at 0.20

The total cost here is about $70k and the expected average monthly dividends is about $470.

Investment Basket -- Mainly because I like the business or for growth
5 lots of Breadtalk at 0.37
2 lots of Capitaland at 1.64 (averaged down by selling 1 lot at $3.50 before)

Trading Basket -- Hoping to sell off
30 lots of Hor Kew at 0.125
20 lots of LC Dev at 0.21
2 lots of Cosco at 2.67
60 lots of Berlian Laju at 0.117
20 lots of China Sky at 0.245
4 lots of Singtel at 2.99

I've only 6k opportunity funds left, which is bad!!!!! But I guess with pay day coming in a week's time, dividends from CitySpring, CCT, Starhub, Starhill coming between Feb to Mar, my funds should be robust again by then.

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