Monday, January 18, 2010

STI -- My Attempt on Andrews Pitchfork with Elliott Wave

The following is my attempt of using Andrews Pitchfork together with Elliott Wave counts. As of now, I'm on the fourth count of the 5 wave impulse extension of a 3rd wave. The Andrews Pitchfork begins on the first of the 5 wave impulse, starting from 2729.43 on 30th Nov 2009.

In Andrews Pitchfork, we are supposed to identify A pivot point followed by B and C as the peak trough pair. In my experiment here, A is the start of this impulse wave, followed by B as the end of wave i and C as the end of wave ii.

This is just an experiment; it may or may not succeed. In this experiment, STI should be bouncing off the bottom of the pitchfork, marking the end of the 4th mini wave and beginning the 5th mini wave.

Let's see how this goes....

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