Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick Portfolio Update

Sold Fuxing at 0.12 for 20% gain (now 0.16 :( )
Bought Starhill Global Reit at 0.54 (now 0.61)

Also, I added an extra 16 lots of Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund into my portfolio today, leaving me with a total of 32 lots at average 0.352. With this loading, my opportunity funds have reduced to about 15k at the moment. However, my monthly dividends amount is now about $450 after taking into account 6 subscribed rights for CitySpring.

I have also shifted some funds to subscribe for CitySpring rights (6) + 12 excess rights. Results should be out soon; let's hope I can get more excess rights.

With my expectations that a top is close, I will likely look out for pennies or defensive dividend stocks which don't move much for long term dividend plays.

Meanwhile, I shall accumulate more cash from tuition and work. More dividends and AWS (2 mths) are coming this Dec 09, so I shall have more cash by then to get ready.

Lastly, I'm expecting my Adsense amount to finally reach 100 USD by Dec 09 (hopefully). So perhaps I shall be receiving another 100 usd from there soon :) Let's see how it goes.

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