Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goals for 2012, The Year of the Dragon

This post was sort of inspired by jwt from LP's cbox. Basically, he asked me if I have any updates on my personal goals, and he would be interested to read. I was quite surprised and honoured actually. I was too busy to really spend time to update this blog, but I was thinking, hey, I might as well consolidate my thoughts in this post to guide myself too. After all, typing everything out helps me (1) consolidate thoughts in a more structured and logical manner, and (2) take more responsibility and action for my goal because I have announced to the world.

Dragon Year 2012 is another year for me to achieve multiple goals. Why set these goals, one may ask. Well, I have set myself goals for year 2010 and year 2011. While I do not necessary achieve all my targets, at least my actions are in the correct direction. I will have an aim in life, something to look forward to, and when achieved, a feeling of exhilaration.

In an earlier post, I have briefly mentioned my goals for 2012:

Here, I will try to put more clarity into my thought processes. I have divided into three groups.

Group 1: Equities and Bonds

1) Goal of achieving $2k average dividends per month, i.e. $24k dividends a year
I have shared my updated portfolio strategy into equities.

Basically, I have not put any extra funds into the market because I was saving up to take a stake in a tuition centre.

The most recent purchase will be the 10 lots of CMA Retail bond that I have acquired. At 3.8% coupon, this will add another $380 to my annual dividend amount.

Aztech as a company has fallen way below my expectations, to the effect of stopping dividends payout. I will be looking to divest this.

Berlian Laju, Hor Kew and Cosco are my worst non-performing counters, and I will be looking to divest too.

CitySpring, while non-performing, is still giving dividends. I can take my time on this counter.

The other equities, some being in green and some in red, are still performing well, and giving dividends. Apart from property companies like GLP and CMA, which did not perform well nor give much dividends, the rest are pretty stable since most are blue chips.

My dividends for 2011 exceeded $10k, and I hope to grow this further in 2012.

Group 2: Business Startups
1) Setting up of a tuition centre
I've agreed to take a 50% stake in a centre, and the deal will be settled within a month.

I have already moved my current students for 2012 to the centre. Most likely I will be earning MUCH lesser from this action from active tuition as overall hours spent on teaching might be reduced, but I hope it will work out in the long run.

I can't really know how it would turn out, but I have some plans in my head which I hope to execute successfully. Giving myself a year or two to try this out.

2) Setting up of publishing 
It is still my dream to have my own book, autograph it, and share my knowledge through this book to students. It is my dream to have students over Singapore reading my books, and scoring well for their exams because of it.

But I want to keep the copyright. And I have further plans for this. Will have to see how it pans out.

3) SmartPhone Apps for Education
It is not just iPhone apps now. Basically, I will try to see if I can make use of my expertise in programming and tuition to create really useful apps.

Not sharing too much of my ideas here yet as nothing is concrete.

But hey, one thing that is concrete is that I have bought my 15" MacBook Pro with an upgraded hard disk of 750GB 7200 rpm. It set me back by about S$3K. Ouch!

I can't judge how it would affect me, but hey, at least I could treat it as my personal reward for 2011!

I have also bought a Wacom Pen Tablet to assist in creating youtube videos with cool animation.
I have done an experiment. Just search for H2 Physics Overview in youtube, and the first result is my creation.

Group 3: Personal Development
Just last week, it suddenly struck my head that I might want to go for a PhD on a full time basis.

Why? I do not know. I have done some research on the available schemes. Basically, I'm interested in a scholarship scheme that pays $4k monthly, while sponsoring the PhD.

What about my current job? Well, it pays not too well, but I'm still ok with it because the job comes with lots of flexibility. I'm a very technical person, and I think I have learned quite a bit of technical stuff at the current department. In my earlier post, I mentioned I'm unsure and I feel stagnant. I did feedback my boss on this. I'm pretty confident of my strong technical skills in the company, but perhaps it might be time to move on.

Perhaps that was the motivation that pushed the idea of a PhD research into my head, and with a bond-free scholarship to go along with so that I have enough to survive and eat.

The deadline for this application is May 2012 for the Jan 2013 intake. Hopefully they will take me in...?

Just don't steal the chance from me if you read this :(


  1. Hi

    Your goal regarding the PhD is really great as it involves much motivation to move forward. I myself will be going for a part-time master at SMU shortly in June 2012 and my concern about handling both the full-time work (which is already very busy and packed) and studying part-time.


  2. Hello Wealth Buch,

    All the best to your 2012 goals!

    You and LP are interesting young warriors! Both highly educated, but are willing to take the path less trodden.

    Group 1 and 2 goals are indeed boldly moving forward! This needs iron will and baxxs of steel (not so common). "Paper" not needed some more!

    Group 3... If for self-actualization (not expecting any payback), like me planning to learn Japanese, hey! Go for it! Or you maybe planning for a teaching career in academia. That's super cool!

    But if it's to get paid to "skive"; do get your sales pitch ready for the interview. You will be up against those who will say they want to publish their PHD findings on this deep-rooted passion or that burning desire. Definitely not so they can get a better current pay or because they feel bored and stagnant...

    Walk in the shoes of the interviewers ;) Tell them what they want to hear!

    You know I am not one to pour cold water.

    I think you'll understand this cryptic observation: LP 100% committed; WB 50% involved.

  3. Hi B,

    good luck for your masters!

    I do agree part-time study is extremely tough, and involves great discipline. I have attempted before doing a module while in Industrial Attachment. Definitely not easy.

  4. Hi SMOL,

    thanks for your well wishes.

    As for the PhD, it's actually not about the pay. I like changes, I like to learn new things. A PhD is just about right for me :)

    To skive? Hell no! To learn? Definitely!
    It's not a deep-rooted passion or burning desire for the subject, but a strong motivation to constantly learn, think and find out new things. And I think it's cool to be called Dr.

    Btw, I have actually learned 1 year of Japanese and 3 years of German at NUS. :)

    Actually I don't really understand the observation :p
    Tell me more in LP's cbox ok? :)

    1. Hello Wealth Buch,

      You caught my eye when you mentioned in cbox you switched specialty to do the subjects you love!

      I think it's better we do it over emails: Jared.Seah@gmail.com

      We can discuss when I do interviews, how I filter out those who are merely involved from then committed ;)


  5. That is really impressive. $2K of dividends per month plus a start-up business plus studying. Wow!

    1. Hi, I'm only at $1k per month, still far from my goal as I need cash to start the business.

      Goals are meant to be set slightly out of reach so that we try out best. :)

  6. Its good news $2K of dividends per month.Going without goals an update in the Year of the Dragon As of January 23, we officially entered the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

  7. I enjoy reading your blog. It is inspirational . . I'm a decade ahead of you but have so much to learn.. studying is good and having two masters under my belt gives a nice shine to the portfolio. . .keep up your dreams...

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