Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Portfolio Update

My time spent looking at the market is dwindling by the day. The advantage is that I'm even less flustered by the daily market fluctuations than ever before.  The month of August was crazy for me as my tuition piled up due to students taking their preliminary exams.

That said, I still managed to increase my holdings somewhat. The amount was rather major for my portfolio...

1) I loaded an extra 5 lots of Keppel Green Trust at $1.13. On hindsight, I could have been more patient, but that would only mean a few cents cheaper. Well... not much $$ there though...
Total Cost:  $5650

2) Saizen released its results. I quite liked it. Hence, I bought an extra 40 lots, and have decided to exercise my 60 lots of warrants before the book closure date for its dividends. This will be done by this week.
Total Cost: $11800

3) AIMSAMPIREIT revealed plans for Project Durian, and although the EGM has not yet commenced, I expect the rights issue to be passed. I intend to subscribe for my 24.5 lots of entitlement, and another 24.5 lots of excess rights.
Total Cost: $7595

In total, it would work out to about $25k.

A short summary of my core holdings:

Portfolio cost: $127k
Portfolio value: $147k
Percentage gain: 15.8%

Adding to the $28k in the basket I hope to sell off at the bottom, my total cost stands at $155k. Some funds have been pulled out for Saizen warrants. Adding these to my MMF units, I have reached near $172k, $28k short of my target of $200k by cost come end 2010. Quite tough to make it happen at the moment, but I shall try.

Trading Basket -- Hoping to sell off

I want to sell these off when I can, or cut loss when I can take the loss :(
Portfolio cost: $28.6k
Portfolio value: $17.2k
Loss of around $11.4k

(red = freezer stocks to remind myself of my mistakes)
30 lots of Hor Kew at 0.125
20 lots of LC Dev at 0.21
2 lots of Cosco at 2.67 ===> After seeing how Berlian Laju behaves, I'm starting to like this stock, and might move it to part of my core holdings eventually. I will need some more time to read up more here.
160 lots of Berlian Laju at 0.065
20 lots of China Sky at 0.245

Edit: I realised I have 160 lots of berlian instead of 150 lots after relooking my CDP statement


  1. Isn't it better to sell off your trading basket and freezer stocks and put the capital to better use?

    Why hang on to a lousy relationship like that?

    Your responsibility as an investor is to make capital allocation decision in the most optimal and rational way.

  2. Hi WJ!

    I have to agree with you on that. There are 2 reasons that makes me not do that apart from realising the loss

    1) I do not need the capital yet. I have still capital on hand.

    2) Technically, these stocks are near their rock bottom. Fundamentally, I don't like them because of the reasons I bought them last time. There are some which I might eventually move to my main basket soon. Two to three of them in fact, though they are at a loss. I need the time to review them.

    Thanks for leaving your comment!

  3. hey can i assume that portfolio costs mean money that you injected in the beginning, but not subsequent capital gains and dividends?

  4. Hi Singapore Stock Picker,

    Capital gains and dividends are included because I reinvested them into market, hence they will be counted as "cost".

    By cost, I mean the cost price of purchase, and exclude any unrealised gains or losses.

  5. okok thanks a bunch.. cause i have seperate accounts such as fresh capital and $$$$ coming from dividends and capital gains.. gives me an idea how much of "my money" is inside...

  6. oh I see.

    I have my personal excel sheet where I track my cashflow, including realised gains, dividends, income, expenditure, etc :)

  7. Hi, great job in investing,, just a suggestion.. perhaps you can add how many lots you invested per counter?

    Thanks for sharing btw


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