Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preliminary Plans on Goal 2011

As the year approaches the 3rd quarter finish, some plans are already forming in my head for Goal 2011. The first 8 months of 2010 were good to me, but somehow, plans for next year have started to form in my head by itself. Perhaps I'm a little too impatient :)

For Goal 2010, the paths, strategies, methods, I have taken appeared to be bringing me closer to fulfilling my goals. The work was hard, at times tough, but the result is that I'm closer than ever to achieving my goals set out at the start of 2010. The only exception was ExamWorld, of which I have not updated much due to my hectic schedule.

My plans for coming year are in a way slightly different from 2010, yet in a way, similar. The growth of networth will still be on my checklist, but this time round, there will not be any concrete goals. This is because I will be planning to shift focus to a few things during the first half of the year where my tuition sideline (which is seasonal) will not take up as much of my time as now.

In my head, I'm hoping I can achieve the following in the year 2011.
(i) Make ExamWorld even bigger than before. I hope more students can benefit from this blog site I set up.

(ii) Finish my A level Physics Guidebook and get it published by around March 2011. The earlier it is done, the more it can benefit students of the 2011 A level batch. This is hard work, and certainly not easy, but I will try.

(iii) Attempt setting up a few content sites for adsense, and eventually other forms of internet income. This will be something new I attempt to try. Whether it will succeed eventually isn't a big deal as the opportunity cost is my time.

(iv) Spending more family and relationship time before the seasonal tuition strikes.

2011 is also the year where my scholarship bond will end. It is also the year where my girlfriend's teaching bond end. I will have to revalue my goals and priorities in life to determine which step to take next in this area.

So many things are running and whirling through my head now. The possibilities I have are indeed exciting me. There are just so many question marks.

How will my plans go? How will my networth grow? How will my portfolio perform? How will my life be? Guess that's what makes life interesting.


  1. Hi momo,

    I've plans to relax too. As mentioned before, I also had plans to have a relaxing 2010, but things have changed midway and I probably ended up working harder than 2009, haha :)

  2. Hi LP,

    Plans for relaxation seldom work out I guess :p

  3. Hi momo,

    Hmm, I guess for workaholics, it seldom works out :) Really must try to relax next year. Not setting a numerical target to achieve is a good start, haha

  4. Hi LP,

    Haha. I'm not setting a numerical target for next year... More of something to achieve instead of numerical targets :)


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