Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm writing a book

Yes, you heard right. I'm currently attempting to write a book on A Level Physics. It's a lot of hard work, and that explains my infrequent updates on this blog. Definitely not easy. I sleep <5 hrs a day to try to write, and think of ways to improve it, to make concepts clearer to the students.

What am I writing
I'm writing on an A level physics study guide. I chose to start on physics because physics is my forte.
After all, I'm among the top 10 scorers for 2001 A level Physics in Singapore, and among the top 39 in Asia for the 2nd Asian Physics Olympiad.

Why am I writing this book
While I was tutoring my students, I found that most of them could not understand their school notes well, nor understand current study guides on the market well too. There isn't much guides for them to choose on the market as well.

I really want to reach out to all the students who have difficulty understanding some of the concepts. But I also understand that my time is limited. In writing this book, I hope to be able to share my knowledge and benefit more students before I (might) forget the stuff one day.

What makes my book different
My unique understanding, and analogies to explain certain concepts. I try to link things up, and make complex things simple.

Well, I try. There's all I can divulge.

How is the market for such books
Admittedly, not big. A levels is a small market here, unlike O levels. Margins will definitely very small.

But hey! My main aim is to reach out and help those students. Profit for my time, of course since I'm still financially unstable, but I don't need supernormal profits.

The low profit margins is why you see less A level books and more O level books in bookshops.

I have some ideas on how to market, but I don't think I will share it here.

Publisher or self-publish or?
This is what I'm considering. To go through a publisher, or to self-publish as my own publisher.

I have decided to go on the latter path, because I want to try out something new in life. That is, register a business and own it! Whether I would succeed a not is immaterial, although I would try to of course; it's the experience and adventure of doing this I want to have.

I have ideas after my guide is written on a series of other self help materials to help students score better. Better to have my own ideas and publish them, than to spend the effort to get other publishers and convince them to publish.

When will it be out
I aim for March 2011, but I'm unsure if I can hit it. My students this year get my notes as I finish each chapter. So far, the feedback has been good, and I have made some changes to the way I phrase some concepts to make them clearer based on students' feedback.

All I know is, I have to work harder to get this out. There are just so many students floundering and having headaches over the A level Physics. I really believe my book will be beneficial to them.

But belief is one thing. I have to get it out, published, and market to the students. Nothing can replace pure hard work here.

Ganbatte to my book and the students who need it, and do pardon me for my reduced frequencies of updates. I really need to get this book out asap, else one more year of students will miss it out, and some will eventually grow to hate physics as a subject.


  1. physics is the subject that i suck the most. and i dunno how come anyone can come to terms with it.

    my a level physics suck. so much so that i NEVER EVER pass any tests in Yishun Junior College.

    i couldn't get the laws, couldn't get how to apply the laws.

    its a miracle that i pass my physics A level with a B

  2. Hi JW,

    I add oil for you! :)

  3. Hi Drizzt,

    Physics just come naturally to me... A gate portal to the intricacies of A level physics was suddenly opened to me during my J2 year. I stepped through and all of a sudden, I found myself scoring 91 mark for my 2nd common test for Physics :)

  4. HI SANYE!!!

    Thanks! And Thanks for adding me to your blog too :)

  5. Hi JW,

    Remember to update us when your book is published. I would like to have a copy. (May be can use it to give tuition when I am retrenched. haha!)

    Oh by the way, I bought K-Green today. Looking forward to more dividend. :)

  6. Hi Sanye,

    thanks. I'm on MC now, but still attempting to write on more chapter :p

    I loaded a 2nd batch of 5 lots few days ago too for K-Green. Total 10 lots :)
    Looking forward to the dividends as well!

  7. the dividends isn't alot but we might be getting fleeced by keppel in this deal.

  8. Hi Drizzt,

    that fear was what prevented me from buying at $1.02.

    Eventually, I came to realise that there's no point being too fearful. It's just $$ only, why fear? If we are happy with the price, then just buy it.

  9. Hi JW,

    Wish you a speedy recovery.


  10. Keep it up bro! One day, I hope your book will succeed :)


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