Sunday, December 13, 2009

NOL Chart

NOL seems ripe for a buy. ===> Edit: NAH!

Not shown on the chart as there wasn't space, NOL has covered the mini gap formed between $1.51 to $1.52 from 15th Jul 09 to 17th July 09.

Well supported at the moment.... Hope I can still get it on Monday.

Tgt entry: 1.52
Cut loss: 1.45
Tgt exit: at least 1.57 to 1.6... or more... will have a trailing stop....

Edited: A descending triangle formed sinced 4th Nov... It's valid as it was a downtrend before 4th Nov.

Bearish instead... of bullish.... Any possible rebound could just be technical...

Shall see...


  1. Hi Dream,

    on 2nd thoughts... doesn't look as good


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