Saturday, April 27, 2013

Probably unable to do a PhD

A turn of events probably made it impossible for me to do my PhD now. Might be a blessing in disguise?

Cutting a long story short, the original plan was to be
1) employed as a research staff, and do research on a full-time basis
2) turning into a part-time phd student while using the research as the research project for the phd
As such, I turned down all other offers... sort of...

Everything else looked perfect. My qualifications were sufficient to meet the entry requirements.
But I forgot something. I have a co-ownership of a tuition centre. I declared that in the application form, and now I'm told it is not allowed, and I have to relinquish the tuition centre to be employed as their full-time research staff. Granted, this is the protocol for most other companies. It is probably fair.

I don't run the day to day operations of the centre, so I do have some spare time, which was one of the considerations on whether to apply for a PhD. But looking at how things are progressing, instead of relinquishing the tuition centre, I will probably choose to relinquish the PhD instead of appealing against the requirement, and start other businesses instead. I don't want to give up working with students, helping them score, and looking at their faces of joy and glee when they finally understood a concept that was Greek to them before. It is little things like these that make both life and work interesting.

It's a hard decision to make, hopefully I won't regret it.


  1. nah i think you will do just fine without it.

  2. As one door closes, another door opens :-)

    In terms of monetising PhDs, it is more difficult as it is useful in academic environments for teaching, faculty, lecturing or research (as an employee). Your own centre has more opportunities as you decide how you want to drive the business.

    Be well and prosper!

  3. In life, we make decisions that change the path of our life. Move on and don't regret, for life does not give us a chance to "reset" and start again like in games. Since you have decided for your tuition centre, make the best out of it. It will reward you eventually.


  4. Thanks guys, though it might still be tentative. There has been no further news from NUS. But it's quite likely I won't take it up, given the circumstances :)


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