Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The recent rally helped move some of my equities to green. That's very fortunate for me.
Then comes another major news.

CPF Education Loan: The total for repayment sums up to nearly SGD$25k! There's an interest of 2.6% p.a.

It's thus time to execute my plan of paying this debt.

Currently, my sources of income include
1) full-time job
2) tuition
3) stock dividends

After deducting expenses and home allowance, I have around $3k to spare. Some, I will want to use for investments. Others for this debt. Will have to consider slowly how I'm going to allocate this.

In addition, I have a small amount locked in fixed deposit. I will be taking it out soon to use a bit to repay my education loan. The remaining will be reserved as opportunity funds. However, for the amounts I have already in stocks like SPH and capitaland, I will be leaving them inside to capitulate on the higher dividend percentage.

I will continue to build on my cashflow and use all the dividends to repay my education loan.

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