Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random thoughts about wealth and money

Is this a world where money is scarce?
or is this a world where money is abundant?

Many people live in a world where they see money as a scarce resource, a precious material. But is money really scarce?

Looking at the ease how the recent financial meltdown wipes away trillions of USD, and yet there's still billions and billions of funds pouring in to bailout doomed institutions, we can easily conclude that, there's still an abundance of money in this world.

Yet, why do people still adopt the mindset that money is indeed hard to come about when so much is being thrown around here and there? I have no idea why. But living in a world of money scarcity, one will tend to adopt habits of living and managing money for a money-scarce world. The probability that this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy thus becomes higher. A tiny mistake, a tiny setback, will then further reinforce the mindset that money indeed scarce. And with the self-justification, one will ....... be forever entrapped in this never-ending cycle.

Thus, I believe, to be wealthy, one have to adopt the mindset that there's an abundance of money around. And with that mindset, one's personal goals to achieve wealth will seem much more meaningful, much simpler, and more straightforward to achieve.

Of course, it doesn't mean it is sufficient to stop at having a personal goal to achieve wealth; hard work, much planning and great effort are still required. Merely having a goal without working towards it is like having a dream; nothing will result from it in the end.

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